Dhamma Arama, a neighborhood meditation center, is located in South Korea, Jeju-do, Seogwipo city, Shinsigaji (new downtown). It opened its door in September 2016. Owning to Bhikkhu Kakmuk's precious relations with Dhamma Arama, we were blessed to have Bhikkhu Kakmuk's monthly Dhamma talks at Dhamma Arama from September 2016 through December 2017. This lecture series helped to set the stage for Early Buddhism studies and practice on Jeju-do. Since the formation of the Dhamma Arama Study Group, the following activities have taken place on Jeju Island:

1. Weekly meditation meeting on Fridays at Dhamma Arama
2. Annual meditation retreat from September to October at Dama Arama
3. Weekly meditation meeting on Tuesday at Chulli Sanbang
4. Weekend meditation meeting at Muju Seon Center
5. Abhidhamma special lecture series (7) by Bhikkhu Kakmuk at the Halla Jungtowon
6. Monthly study meeting at the Halla Jungtowon (Bhikkhu Kakmuk)
7. Dhamma Arama band formation (Internet)
8. Aranya band formation (Internet)

Nowadays, we can do so much with the Internet. In line with this trend, Dhamma Arama opened this band in August 2017. The good thing about the internet is that conversations among Dhamma friends are possible wherever you are in the world. So, as a result of our constant efforts, 64 Dhamma friends are participating in this band from all over Korea and USA.

What you cannot do on the Internet is meet Dhamma friends and meditate together. For that reason I built the Dhamma Arama neighborhood meditation center. It is a blessing available to very few people to participate in meditation retreats away from home in these busy times. Although it is a good idea to meditate every day even for a short time, it is not easy to find a quiet place and time to meditate in the modern hectic living environment. Therefore, I hope that such meditation centers will be built in every neighborhood.

In sharing the latest news, I hope there will be more meetings or groups formed in 2018. Thank you and have a great day! 

Nancy Acord